Humanitarian aid

The core purpose of implementing humanitarian aid projects is to eliminate the consequences of natural and man-made disasters around the world and to restore the living conditions of the disaster-affected people. Humanitarian assistance also includes disaster prevention, strengthening disaster preparedness and disaster risk reduction.

International humanitarian aid system was established in response to the emergencies happening in the world. The main actors of the humanitarian aid system are the related bodies of the United Nations, International Organization for Migration, International Committee of the Red Cross, other international organizations, relevant government structures, donor agencies and NGO’s.

In the last 15 years the Republic of Azerbaijan has been consistently developing its humanitarian assistance policy. The majority of humanitarian aid projects are implemented through AIDA. In most of the cases, the humanitarian aid is provided as an urgent assistance upon the appeal from the disaster-hit country. In other cases, it is provided to the aid requesting country on a regular basis within the framework of pre-accepted programmes.