Primary mission of AIDA is to deliver the aid of the people of Azerbaijan to support the international community in building a sustainable, prosperous and better world. In the light of strong economic development of Azerbaijan, AIDA is committed to contribute to the international efforts directed to the improvement of the living standards of people in the developing countries. In this regard, the Agency’s activities are aimed at eradicating poverty, improving population’s health conditions and fostering aid recipient country’s social and economic development. One of the important areas of responsibility of AIDA is delivering aid to the people affected by natural or man-made disasters, humanitarian crises and armed conflicts. Taking into consideration the importance of education as the backbone of the global development, supporting human capacity building and increasing the level of education in developing countries is a vital element of AIDA’s mission path. AIDA contributes to the sustainable development and humanitarian response at the global level, and steadily pursues this important mission.